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Breukr is a B2C e-commerce platform that provides digital lines of consumer credit for
groceries on a subscription basis to employees of reputable entities, thereby helping them
to elevate their financial well-being. Breukr has no score requirements and doesn’t have
hidden fees. Employees of reputable entities can easily apply for 1 month groceries supply
at any time, get a decision about their fees and rates, and get their groceries delivered to
their preferred location while they pay when they receive their wages.

Breukr is notorious for its know-how and commitment to the service of her customers and
partners. We strive every day to improve our services and at best meet your needs while
offering you personalized support and helping you better control your budget. We get
better with every one of our community member we deal with. We grow by satisfying your
needs. We welcome you to be a part of our proud FAMILY where every member is a king
& Queen!

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Curated Products
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Ourorganic food products are grown under a system of agriculture without the use of harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides with an environmentally and socially responsible approach

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When Products are Certified, Everyone's a Winner. So purchasing a product that has been certified should give you complete assurance that the product complies with the relevant standards.

We Deal With Various Quality Organic Products!

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